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No Clean Cored Solder Wire

Cored Solder Wire
Water Wash Solder

Hydro Flux Water Wash Cored Solder Wire is a colophony free water wash cored solder wire, formulated so the majority of flux sublimes at soldering temperatures, leaving the absolute minimum water soluble residue on the assembly. Properly processed and cleaned boards can surpass the cleanliness requirements of MIL-C-28809B 13/5/88 (Superseding MIL-P-28809A 5/10/81).

Hydro Flux Water Wash Cored Solder Wire is an organic activated formulation for rapid cleaning action.

Hydro Flux Water Wash Cored Solder Wire offers rapid efficient soldering of even the most difficult of assemblies.

Hydro Flux is a superior wetting water wash cored solder wire with no offensive odour or spatter during soldering.

Water soluble flux residues must be removed.

If you require further information please contact us.

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Hydro Flux Water Wash Cored Solder Wire

Product Description Halide Content Alloys Available Flux Percentage
Hydro Flux

Water Wash

Suitable for surface mount and conventional assemblies.

Organic Activated Leaded & Lead Free 2

Wire Gauge (Diameter)
Availability options

10 3.25 0.128
11 2.95 0.116
12 2.64 0.104
13 2.34 0.092
14 2.03 0.080
16 1.63 0.064
18 1.22 0.048
19 1.02 0.040
20 0.914 0.036
21 0.813 0.032
22 0.711 0.028
24 0.599 0.022
26 0.457 0.018
28 0.376 0.014
30 0.315 0.012
32 0.274 0.010

Thicker gauges such as 6.35mm, 5mm are available, please contact for more information.

Alloys Available

Alloys available to BS 219: 1977, EN 29453: 1994 and ISO 9453:2014, IPC- J-STD-006A. Please contact us if the alloy you want is not listed.

Sn63/Pb37, Sn60/Pb40, Sn50/Pb50, Sn45/Pb55, Sn40/Pb60, Sn35/Pb65, Sn30/Pb70, Sn70/Pb30, Sn20/Pb80, Sn15/Pb85, Sn50PbCu1, Sn60PbCu2, HMP 5S, LMP 62S, TLS/5 (LS4), Pb95/Ag5

Alloys Available
Lead Free - RoHS compliant

Alloys available to BS 219: 1977, EN 29453: 1994 and ISO 9453:2014, IPC- J-STD-006A. Please contact us if the alloy you want is not listed.

Lead Free 99C, 97C, 95A, 96S, 96/4, 98S, 95S, Tin, TSC, SAC405, SAC305, SAC105, SAC3, SAC2, SAC1, Sc100e

Reel Sizes

Available in 100g, 0.25kg, 0.5kg, 1Kg, 2Kg, 2.5Kg, 3Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg and 25Kg reels.

Standard and DIN specification reels available.

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