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Warton Metals Limited

Warton was established in 1979 and has rapidly expanded over recent years to become the UK's leading independent specialist manufacturer of high purity solder alloys including cored solder wires, solid solder wires, bar solder products, pellets, no clean solder paste, high performance wave solder fluxes, thinners and cleaners. A full range of lead free and leaded products are available.

Warton's continued success and growth is attributed to its highly experienced and adaptable staff, who are constantly trained to help and advise on product choice and applications.

Warton is flexible enough to be able to meet your company's needs and products can be quickly adapted, if necessary, to suit your specifications.

Our external sales/technical engineers are immediately available to visit your premises to evaluate your application and provide you with technical assistance and professional advice.

Investment in research and development has enabled Warton to be at the forefront of new technology products.

Warton Metals Limited

Warton offer a complete service package


BS EN ISO 9001 Certificate Number 1711

Warton Metals are an BS EN ISO 9001 registered company, the international standard that specifies the requirements for a Quality Management System (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Using our QMS Warton Metals are able to assure that our products are effective and consistent, offering complete traceability of all materials used in each product.

ISO 9001 Certificate Pdf

Planning, Product Design and Development

A great deal of time is spent developing and validating the design of products before they are released. The various ingredients are carefully screened and checked for quality, consistency and environmental impact, before being approved for inclusion within a formulation.

Product and Process Validation

Products are tested to national and international standards. Batches are tested to ensure consistent quality from batch to batch.

The Environment

As a manufacturer following the principles of ISO 14001, we consider it our responsibility to constantly update products as new technology becomes available.

For this reason, we employ highly qualified research chemists to ensure our products are as environmentally benign as possible. By closely monitoring all studies carried out, on the products used in our manufacture and by working closely with the relevant governmental agencies, we can tailor our development plans to reflect the latest findings.

Investment in Rosin Free and Lead Free technology has enabled Warton to be at the forefront of new technology products.