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Products for Stainless Steel
Activ8 Cored Solder Wire, Liquid Flux & Paste

Warton manufacture the Activ8 range of products for stainless steel. Activ8 is available as a cored solder wire, liquid flux and solder paste.

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Activ8 Acid Cored Solder Wire

An acid cored solder wire for metal fabrication. Activ8 can be used for a variety of uses but should not be used on electronic assemblies.

Residues of Activ8 would, under dry conditions, be non corrosive. But as the work is usually exposed to humidity the residue after soldering would, over a period of time, absorb moisture, becoming mildly corrosive.

The residue of Activ8 is simply removed with water (preferably warm).

Suitable for soldering brass, bronze, cadmium plating, copper, galvanised wire, iron, lead, mild steel, nickel and nickel plating, resistance wires (most types although flux residues should be removed), silver, spring steel, most stainless steels (using 96S), tinplate and zinc and zinc platting.

(Sn60/Pb40), (Sn40/Pb60)

Lead Free
99C and 96S

Gauges from 3.25mm to 0.274mm

Flux Percentage 3 or 4%

50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1Kg, 2.5kg reels
Activ8 Liquid Flux

A mild liquid flux for soft soldering stainless steel. The residues are readily removed with warm water and a soft brush.

Residues must be removed.

Not for electronics use.

For stainless steel applications which do not require an aggressive flux.

For cleaning selective soldering nozzles.

Liquid supplied in bottles

100ml, 0.5L, 1L, 5L, 10L, 25L container
Activ8 Flux Paste

An active flux paste containing zinc chloride and ammonium chloride for soldering stainless steel.

Residues must be removed.

For difficult to solder industrial operations where an active flux is required.

Flux paste supplied in tubs

500g, 1Kg tubs

Activ8 Cored Solder Wire
Leaded & lead free

Sn60/Pb40, Sn40/Pb60, Lead Free 99C, 96S

Gauges 3.25mm - 0.274mm

Activ8 Liquid Fluxes
Supplied in bottles

For stainless steel and cleaning selective soldering nozzles.

Activ8 Flux Paste
Supplied in tubs

For difficult to solder industrial applications.

Safety Data Sheet

Always ready Safety Data Sheet before use.

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