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Lead Free Solder
RoHS & REACH Compliant Products

Warton Metals offer a full range of Lead Free, RoHS & REACH compliant, Solder Products including flux cored & solid solder wires, bar solder products & solder pastes.

Lead Free Alloys

Alloys available to BS 219: 1977, EN 29453: 1994 and ISO 9453:2020, IPC-J-STD-006A. Please contact us if the lead free alloy you want is not listed.

99C, 97C, 95A, 96S, 96/4, 98S, 95S, Tin, TSC, SAC405, SAC305, SAC105, SAC3, SAC2, SAC1, Sc100e.

Lead Free Products

Lead Free alloys are available in all of the products Warton manufacture.

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On July 1st 2006 the RoHS (Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances) restricted the use of lead based materials (and other materials) in the manufacture of electronic and electronic equipment. RoHS has a fundamental impact on the electronics industry. It is closely linked with, and takes its scope from, the WEEE (Waste and Electronic Equipment) Directive.


On March 1st 2018 restrictions on the sale of lead, both on its own and in a mixture (including in solder products), came into force. Whilst the use of lead was already restricted for specified uses (Entry 63 of REACH Annex XVII), the classification of lead as a Category 1A reproductive toxicant means that additional restrictions on the supply of leaded solders to customers applies.

This means that as of 1 March 2018 Warton is no longer able to supply leaded solders to the general public where the individual concentration is equal to or greater than 0.03% for mixtures containing lead metal powder (such as Solder Paste), and 0.3% for mixtures containing lead in massive form (such as Solder Wire, Bar Solder, Tinmans).

More Information

To read more about how Warton Metals meets these requirements please visit our compliance page.

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