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High Purity Solder Alloys
Bar Solder, Tinmans, Blowpipe and Solder Pellets

All Warton High Purity Solder Alloys are manufactured in the UK using premium quality raw materials. Warton manufacture all alloys in accordance with: ISO 9453:2020, EN 29453, DIN 1707, BS 219, QQS 571E or to the customer's own specification.

When using Warton High Purity Solder Bar the consistent high quality produced by a unique purification process, prior to non-dross casting, can lead to considerably minimised dross creation during use, increased number of solder joints per bar, fewer bridges, skips and dry joints with improved wetting capability.

Typical Batch Analysis: High Purity Virgin Tin

Sn % Sb % Pb % Cu % Zn % Fe % As % Ag % Bi % In %
99.95 0.009 0.002 0.0002 0.0001 0.002 0.002 0.0001 0.0001 0.0003

Bar Solder, Tinmans, Blowpipe and Pellets

Bar and Tinmans Solder

Warton manufacture the following:

  • Bar Solder (0.5Kg and 1Kg bars)
  • Tinmans (0.25Kg)
  • Blowpipe (50-80g)
  • Pellets, Chunks, Chips (1Kg and 5Kg bags)
  • Ingot Solder (5Kg bars)

All weights are nominal. Weights can vary.

Dimensions of Solder Bar Products
All dimensions are approximate

Product Base Length mm Base Width mm Top Length mm Top Width mm Height mm Description
Bar Solder 1Kg 330 22 315 12 20 Triangular ended shaped bar
Bar Solder 0.5Kg 320 20 315 10 10 Triangular ended shaped bar
Tinmans Sticks 360 12 360 5 10 Triangular ended shaped bar
Blowpipe 560 6 560 6 6 Flat base, rounded top stick

Alloys Available

Alloys available to BS 219: 1977, EN 29453: 1994 and ISO 9453:2020, IPC-J-STD-006A. Please contact us if the alloy you want is not listed.

Sn63/Pb37, Sn60/Pb40, Sn50/Pb50, Sn45/Pb55, Sn40/Pb60, Sn35/Pb65, Sn30/Pb70, Sn70/Pb30, Sn20/Pb80, Sn15/Pb85, Sn50PbCu1, Sn60PbCu2, HMP 5S, LMP 62S, TLS/5 (LS4), Pb95/Ag5

Alloys Available
Lead Free - RoHS compliant

Alloys available to BS 219: 1977, EN 29453: 1994 and ISO 9453:2020, IPC-J-STD-006A. Please contact us if the alloy you want is not listed.

Lead Free 99C, 97C, 95A, 96S, 96/4, 98S, 95S, Tin, TSC, SAC405, SAC305, SAC105, SAC3, SAC2, SAC1, Sc100e

Alloys Available
With Bismuth

Sn25 Pb62 Bi10 Ag3 (Tin25/Lead62/Bismuth10/Ag3)

Sn43 Bi57 (Tin43/Bismuth57)

The Company warrants only that the Goods will correspond as to the quality and description with the Company’s own specifications as set out in each product data sheet and all other terms conditions or warranties relating to the quality and/ or fitness for any particular purpose whether express or implied are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. It is therefore the Buyers responsibility to satisfy itself by inspection and testing of samples prior to placing any orders as to the purpose for which he requires the Goods and or particular conditions of use that will apply to the Goods and or the suitability or performance of the Goods when used in combination with any other Goods or materials, in any specific environment and in any process. In no event shall the Company be responsible for special, incidental or consequential damages, whether the claim is in contract, negligence or otherwise.