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Temporary Solder Mask

Temporary Solder Mask

Warton have a range of temporary solder mask products including Solrist Solder Spot Resist and Kapton Tape

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Solrist Solder Spot Resist

Solrist Solder Spot Resist

Solrist Peelable Spot Resist is a temporary solder resist designed to be applied on areas of printed circuit assemblies which require components to be added after wave soldering. A thin layer of Solrist is applied over holes and easily removed after drying through the soldering process. Solrist is non staining and is available in viscosity's suitable for both manual and automated dispensing.

Kapton Tape & Dots

Kapton Tape & Dots

Kapton® is a registered Trade Mark of DuPont

Kapton® Tape and Dots are based on DuPont Kapton® film. Kapton® is backed with a clear silicone pressure sensitive adhesive and has been successfully used at temperatures up to 400 °C and only begins to char at 800 °C. These properties result in a low static polyimide tape with remarkable dimensional stability and excellent electrical and physical properties over a wide range of temperatures (-8 °C to +370 °C).

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