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Future HF Rework Jelly

A homogenous flux jelly widely used for rework of SMT devices and conventional through hole devices. Future HF Rework Jelly exceeds the requirements of J-STD-004 ROL0.

Future HF Rework Jelly is a homogenous flux jelly widely used for the rework of SMT devices and conventional through hole devices.  Future HF Rework jelly exceeds the requirements of J-STD-004 ROL0.  

  • Halide Free

  • Exceeds the requirements of J-STD-004 ROL0

  • Clear residue

  • Can be used as supplied, or with needle/ tips  for easy application. 

E/ST Series - Tips

The E and ST range of needles are made from rigid stainless  steel with a blunt end and plastic hub.  They are typically used for application of medium viscosity materials such as epoxies.

Part No. Gauge I.D. (Inches) I.D. (mm) Colour
E14-1/2 14 0.063 1.60 Dk Green
E15-1/2 15 0.054 1.37 Orange
ST18-1/2* 18 0.033 0.84 Pink
ST19-1/2* 19 0.027 0.69 Brown
ST20-1/2* 20 0.023 0.58 Yellow
ST21-1/2* 21 0.020 0.51 Green
ST22-1/2* 22 0.016 0.41 Black
ST23-1/2* 23 0.013 0.33 Lt. Blue
ST25-1/2* 25 0.010 0.25 Dk. Blue
ST26-1/2* 26 0.009 0.23 Beige
ST27-5/16* 27 0.008 0.20 Grey
ST30-5/16* 30 0.006 0.15 Lavender

* Also available in 1" (25mm) length. Standard length is ½" (12mm)

Needles& Tips - TT Series Maximum Flow Tips

The TT Taper Tip range are produced from moulded polyethylene and are typically used for higher viscosity materials such as greases or RTV silicones.

Part No. Gauge I.D. (inches) I.D. (mm) Colour
TT14 14 0.063 1.60 Tan
TT16 16 0.047 1.19 Grey
TT18 18 0.033 0.84 Green
TT20 20 0.023 0.58 Pink
TT22 22 0.016 0.41 Blue

All TT tips are 1¼" (31mm) long.

Needles& Tips - CTLL Series Flexible Polyethylene Tips

The CTLL range are moulded in clear polyethylene and recommended for low viscosity applications such as oils or cyanoacrylate adhesives. 

Part No. Gauge I.D (inches) I.D (mm) Colour
CT16LL 16 0.047 1.19 Grey
CT18LL 18 0.033 0.84 Green
CT20LL 20 0.023 0.58 Pink
CT22LL 22 0.016 0.41 Blue

All CT tips are 1½" (37mm)  long.

Future HF Rework Jelly is supplied in 10 and 30 gram syringes.  

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